Songs / Nā Mele

I hope these song pages will be a gateway for you to deepen your appreciation of Hawaiian music and culture. And I hope that you will share your own thoughts and information.

So here they are: The Mele pages. (Click a link on the right for each song.)

Kumu Pilipo Solatorio, from the very start, spelled out my kuleana (responsibility) very clearly. He told me I needed to PRESERVE the knowledge he gave me. And he told me that I needed to SHARE it with a broad audience. In order for Hawaiian culture to continue to flourish, he feels that people everywhere need to learn more about it. 

Each page has everything I have to share about a song. I go to the source when I can. I go through old phone books and mountains of other research "stuff" so you don't have to (though it's more fun than you may think!). And I'm making what I find public.

Dig in.