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Molokai’s West End

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Molokai, west side, mauna loa, jason poole, accidental hawaiian crooner

Molokai's West End (Mauna Loa, Molokai, Hawai'i (7.3.11)

Today I realized that most of the photos that I’ve shared from my times on Molokai are of the island’s East End.

East End (and Hālawa Valley, specifically) is lush and green and tropical and damp and heavenly.

Molokai’s West End is dryer and hotter and has lots of red soil and reminds me of the western plains here on the mainland.  (It’s absolutely heavenly, too!)

I’m always amazed that you can drive from one climate zone to another in such a short amount of time.  All on one island.  33 miles long, 10 miles wide.

So, I thought I should show the west side of the side of the island some Aloha and post a photo.  (And a giant ALOHA to the ‘ohana up there!)

I love the West End.  Stunningly beautiful.

And those skies at night…

So big that I lose my balance when I look up.