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Have ʻUkulele--Will Travel

Aloha, gang!

This past weekend, I was in Portland, OR attending the very first World Domination Summit. Basically–a gathering of 500+ creative, free-thinking people from around the globe who came together to share ideas and learn from each other.  It was unbelievably cool!

My travel buddy for the trip, Tania Luna (Surprise Industries) and I thought we’d be the “ultimate, hardcore New Yorkers” and skip the closing party to catch a red eye flight back to NYC so that we’d be ready to rock and roll–business as usual–today.  In theory, it was a great idea.

In actuality, I’m paying for it today.  A weekend of stimulating ideas added to a lack of sleep has left me buzzing and exhausted.


I promise to share some stories from the Summit with you all!  I just need to drink more coffee to get through the day (I’m strumming/singing for a hula class in NYC tonight from 7p-10p) and then get some quality rest.  Tomorrow, I’ll be ready to rock and roll!

Lesson in all of this:  Next time, stay for the party and fly home well rested.  ʻNuff said.

BTW:  I CARRIED MY ‘UKULELE WITH ME THROUGHOUT THE SUMMIT. (And I even had a chance to meet up with a fellow strummer and share some tunes during a break!)  That story and more to follow soon…

Happy Monday, gang.

Aloha nō,