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Going Holoholo

Monday, April 23, 2012

I was on Molokai when I first heard this expression–Going Holoholo.

Pops and some of his grandkids were going fishing.  I called after them:  ”Wait!  I want to go with you guys.  I want to go fishing, too!”  (Ok, not really–I didn’t really want to go fishing, but I wanted to go with them.  I was happy to leave the fishing part up to them!)

Pops turned to me and said “We NEVER say we’re going fishing.  If you say that, the fish will hear you.  They will know that we’re heading out to catch them.  Fish have ears!”  (Note: I must have had the world’s biggest “HUH?”  look on my face at this point.)  ”Instead, we say we’re going holoholo–out cruising around.  That way we surprise them.  It’s better.”

And this week, gang, I’m “going holoholo.”

Ok… I’m not really going fishing for fish.

But I am going “off the grid” while I fish around for ideas for an exciting new project.

The blog will be back on schedule next week.  Stay tuned!

With Aloha,