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Jason Poole, Accidental Hawaiian Crooner, Molokai, Hawaii, Halawa Valley, Anakala Pilipo Solatorio, Pilipo Solatorio

Aloha i kekahi i kekahi.

I can hear Pops’ voice in my head: “Aloha i kekahi i kekahi.  Love one another.  So important.”

I need to remember that.  We all need to remember that.

Right on.


Aloha Paris

Friday, January 9, 2015

Jason Poole, Aloha, Aloha Paris, aloha i kekahi i kekahi, accidental hawaiian crooner, Molokai, Halawa Valley, Paris, eiffel tower

Aloha i kekahi i kekahi.

Love one another.

May we all share Aloha with each other today.

Right on.

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