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I went to the gym today. And I went with a purpose.

I went to run.

Ok… nothing major. Not a marathon-length run. Just a few easy miles on the treadmill. But it still feels like a big deal.

My body has given me a lot of grief this past year. I’ve been going to see a great physical therapist twice a week for about 5 months.  It’s been rough, even painful at times. But I trust her, she knows what she’s doing. And I’m getting better. I’m getting better.

A while back, I asked her if it would be safe for me to start running again. She wasn’t keen on the idea.

Last week, I laced up my running shoes and went to the gym and ran. Twice. 

I didn’t fall apart. It didn’t seem to make my body worse than it was. It didn’t undo the work we’d done in therapy.

So I went back to the gym today and got up on the treadmill. I had prepared a playlist of songs, some of my favorite Hawaiian tunes that I knew would make me feel inspired.

But when I pushed PLAY, my fingers must have slipped because instead of hula classics, I heard Bruce Springsteen’s voice booming in my headphones. I like “The Boss” and his music. I’ve got a couple of his CDs loaded into my iPod, but I don’t really know his music. Let’s just say I like what I’m familiar with.

And even though his music wasn’t what I was expecting to hear, I decided to stick with it and settled into my run.

After some time had passed, I found myself wondering about this whole new “beginning to run again” phase in my life. Was I crazy to be doing this? Was I risking doing even more damage to my body?

I did a quick check in: my posture was decent, I wasn’t out of breath, my shoulders were properly aligned, my stride was even. And I wasn’t hurting. Most of all I wasn’t hurting.

And I was enjoying myself. I was smiling.

And just at that moment, his voice rang in my ear: Baby we were born to run!

In Hawaiian traditions, I hear the elders, the kūpuna, talk about learning to look for and read the hōʻailona, the signs.

I think Bruce gave me one today.

Mahalo for that, dude.

Right on.

*How are YOU doing today? Drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you.

P.S.  Bruce’s music was a perfect running soundtrack.  His songs are full of stories and really beautiful (and sometimes funny) poetic imagery.  I’ll be listening to him a lot.  Right on.



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Aloha gang!  Happy Aloha Friday!

I’m heading to Chicago today for a jam-packed weekend of my favorite things: Hawaiian Music, Hula & Creative Play!

Thanks to my good buddies at Zen Life & Meditation Center and Hālau i Ka Pono, I’ll be sharing workshops and a concert–with the dancers of Hālau I Ka Pono sharing some hula!  Right on!

The schedule is as follows:

Zen Writing Workshop

Friday, Feb. 6th (7:00-8:3o pm) and Saturday, Feb. 7th (9:00 am – 4:00 pm)

Join me for a day of creative writing play!

You’ll generate rich material in your notebooks that can be used for stories, essays, poetry and songs.  We’ll write together in a supportive community –  in companionable silence – and the have time for sharing.  And we’ll have brief periods of meditation interspersed throughout the day to refresh and renew.

Writing practice has been a beacon of light in my life.  It’s meeting your mind on the page.

Weʻll have fun with other like-minded people on the writing path.

The Warmth of Hawaiian Mele and Hula (Song and Dance)

Saturday, Feb. 7th (7:00-8:30 pm)

If you’re finding yourself going a little stir-crazy with winter weather, come and join me along with Hālau i Ka Pono – the Hula School of Chicago – for a warm and exceptional evening of Hawaiian fun and beauty.  And there will be a group participation dance, too!

z e n t a n g l e ® Workshop

Sunday, Feb. 8th (1:00-4:00 pm)

I’m excited to be returning to offer another Zentangle Workshop in Chicago!  This easy-to-learn meditative art form consists of simple strokes of the pen, drawing structured patterns and creating beautiful and unique works of art.

People all over the world are tangling!  Here’s you chance to learn more about the Zentangle Method and spend some relaxed time making one of a kind art together.

**For more information and to purchase tickets, please click on the link HERE.**



A Thanksgiving limerick

Thursday, November 27, 2014

thanksgiving, molokai, accidental hawaiian crooner, jason poole, happy thanksgiving, halawa valley, anakala pilipo,

In New York lives the Accidental Hawaiian Crooner

Who travels the world with his ‘ukulele and his tuner

Grateful for hula tunes to sing

And all the smiles that they bring

He is most thankful for all of you-ner

Happy Thanksgiving, gang.

Share the Aloha.

Right on.


Aloha, gang!

It’s time for a new VIDEO BLOG post!

And this one talks all about 3 of my tried-and-true home remedies to make myself feel better when I’m sick.  May they be of help to you, too.

*And please share some of YOUR home remedies with us here in the comments!

Happy Aloha Friday!

**Please check out our other videos on our Youtube channel:


Telling stories with grace.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jason Poole, Accidental Hawaiian Crooner, Molokai, Hawaiian music, songwriting, Pete Seeger, Pilipo Solatorio

I haven’t written a lot on the blog lately.

But I’ve been writing my face off!  In coffeehouses all over NYC, I’ve been working away, writing down some of the stories and working on new songs to share with you all.

Today I’ve had the music of Uncle Pete Seeger playing in the background while I work.  He didn’t have Hawaiian blood.  Neither do I.  But as a Hawaiian musician, I am learning so much from him.

He knew how to tell a story with a song.

And he did it with such grace.

Right on, Uncle Pete.  Mahalo for that.

*What have YOU been listening to today?


I love to run.

And I never thought I’d write those words, either.  I mean, I wasn’t very athletic as a kid.  And then I broke my hip in my late 20s.  Not a lot of signs pointing to the fact that I’d be running as an adult.

Thank goodness things can change!

I’ve been listening to some great playlists that have helped to make my time on the treadmill a lot of fun.  And with so many folks working to take better care of themselves in 2013 (“Hello, New Year’s Resolutions!”)…

I thought I’d share some of my recent favorite playlists with YOU!

**Note: I have so much respect for DJs–manually creating a playlist stresses me out!  I can literally spend hours putting together a running order. (Pun intended!)  For most of these, I used the Genius feature in iTunes to create the lists.  It makes me feel like I’m listening to a radio station–I’m surprised by the next song!**

Now get out there and get MOOOVIN’!

Playlist #1:

Honolulu City Lights (Beamer Brothers)

Ku’u Home ʻO Kahaluʻu (Olomana)

You Kuʻuipo (Willie K.)

About You (Cecilio & Kapono)

Pua Hone (Dennis Kamakahi)

Fish And Poi (Sean Na’auao)

Love And Honesty (Hawaiian Style Band)

Island Style (John Cruz)

Hawaiʻi Au (The Sunday Manoa)

‘Ōpihi Man (Ka’au Crater Boys)

Waiʻoli (Mark Keali’i Ho’omalu)

Pōhai Ke Aloha (Kawai Cockett)

Nani Kauaʻi (Amy Hānaiali’i Gilliom)

Pāpālina Lahilahi (Genoa Keawe)

Ke Aloha (Uluwehi Guerero)

Playlist #2:

Haleakalā (Brothers Cazimero)

E Hoʻi I Ka Pili (Kealiʻi Reichel)

Kuʻu Lei ʻAwapuhi (Hapa)

He ʻAi Na Ka Lani (Eddie Kamae & the Sons of Hawaiʻi)

E Kuʻu Morning Dew (Keola Beamer)

Waterfall (Willie K.)

Radio Hula (Led Kaapana & Friends)

Hula Lady (Dennis Pavao)

Hanohano O Cowboy (Israel Kamakawiwoʻole)

He Punahele Nō ʻOe (The Sons of Hawaiʻi)

Sitting in Limbo (John Cruz)

Pane Mai (Brothers Cazimero)

Pelekane (Mākaha Sons of Niʻihau)

Kuʻu Wehi O Ke Aumoe (Kealiʻi Reichel)

Kuʻu Home O Kahaluʻu/Kuʻu Lei ʻAwapuhi (Barefoot Natives)

Playlist #3:

Pua Loke (Akoni)

My Isle of Golden Dreams (Alfred Aholo Apaka)

I Ali’i Nō ʻOe (Aloha Pumehana Serenaders)

Beautiful Kauaʻi (Aloha Pumehana Serenaders)

Hiʻilawe (Aloha Pumehana Serenaders)

Ala Moana Annie (Amy & Willie K.)

Haleʻiwa Hula (Amy Hānaialiʻi Gilliom)

Kikawahine (Amy Hānaialiʻi Gilliom)

My Little Grass Shack (Amy Hanaialiʻi & Willie K.)

Wahine Uʻi (Andy Cummings & His Hawaiian Serenaders)

Waikīkī (Andy Cummings & His Hawaiian Serenaders)

Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai (Ata Damasco)

KHBC (Ata Damasco)

Nani Kauaʻi (Auntie Geri Kuhia)

Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai (Aunty Edith Kanakaʻole)

Halemaʻumaʻu (Bill Aliʻiloa Lincoln)

Beautiful Kauaʻi (Kawai Cockett)

ʻUlupalakua (Aunty Genoa Keawe)

Baby Can I Hold You (ʻAleʻa)

On Fire (Kaʻau Crater Boys)

I Hear Music (Kaʻau Crater Boys)

Playlist #4:

La ʻElima (Israel Kamakawiwoʻole)

Lei Pīkake (Hapa)

Kawaipunahele (Kealiʻi Reichel)

The Hukilau Song (Alfred Aholo Apaka)

Kaulana Nā Pua (Keola Beamer)

Aloha ʻOe (Amy Hānaialiʻi Gilliom & Willie K.)

Pua Hone (Brothers Cazimero)

Constellations (Kaukahi feat. Jack Johnson)

The Rest of Your Life (Remix) (Nā Leo Pilimehana)

Let’s Talk Story (Hawaiian Style Band)

Mahina ‘O Hoku (Dennis Pavao)

Hiʻilawe (E. Tavares)

Kalua (Alfred Aholo Apaka w/ Danny Stewart’s Hawaiians)

Pānini Puakea (Israel Kamakawiwoʻole)

Maunaleo (Kealiʻi Reichel)

Falling (Keahiwai)

Mānoa in the Rain (Hapa)

Playlist #5:

Lāʻiekawai (Hōkū Zuttermeister)

Medley: Ka Manu/ Manu Oʻo (Nā Palapalai)

My Sweet Pīkake Lei (Brothers Cazimero)

Pālehua (Willie K. and Amy Hānaialiʻi Gilliom)

Ke Lehua Pūnono (ʻAleʻa)

Maile Swing (Genoa Keawe)

Makee ʻAilana (Dennis Pavao)

Poliahu (Teresa Bright)

ʻAlekoki (Raiatea Helm)

He Pō Lani Makamae (Robi Kahakalau)

Ke Anu O Waimea (Nā Palapalai)

ʻAkahikuleana A Ka Piko (Hōkū Zuttermeister)

Pōhai Ke Aloha (Amy Hānaialiʻi Gilliom)

Waikā (Brothers Cazimero)

Iā ʻOe E Ka Lā (Hoʻokena)

What are YOU listening to these days?  What makes YOU feel like MOOOVIN’?  Drop me a line.  I’d love to hear from you!

P.S.  A great resource for Hawaiian music is  A fantastic selection of Hawaiian CDs and DVDs–from classics to contemporary.  I’m always “hanging out” on the site–planning my next order.  Ha!