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Monday, December 14, 2015

Have you seen it?

Matt Yamashita (Quazifilms) made a fantastic music video for my original song, HEALING WATERS!

I love it so much!  Matt recorded new footage of me singing down by the river in Hālawa Valley the day after the Molokai premier of the documentary Sons of Hālawa!  (Yup. True story. That really is the river behind me–no green screen involved!  We were so blessed with lighting and weather conditions that afternoon.  Matt set up a microphone for me to use a prop along with my headphones to create a “studio vibe.”  And here’s a fun fact for you: I used a recording of HEALING WATERS from Matt’s phone to sing along with. The phone was discretely tucked into my pocket.)

The video weaves together the newly recorded footage along with images from the film. It’s spectacular and I hope you’ll click on the link above and watch it. (And re-watch again and again!)

The video originally premiered on Facebook on Thanksgiving day. (It’s been viewed over 3,000 times already!) That was something to be thankful for, for sure! I was excited to learn he’d recently posted it on Youtube, too. Now I can share it with you!

Another video is being created for my song LIFE IN HĀLAWA, also featured on the soundtrack for the film. (Note: The songs have all been amazingly arranged and recorded by Molokai’s own LONO.  And there are 2 of his fantastic original mele on the soundtrack, too!)

More details about that and the film and the amazingly cool experience of attending the film’s premier at the Honolulu International Film Festival coming soon!

Until then, kick back and relax and let your mind go to beautiful Hālawa Valley with this video.

Right on.

With warm Aloha




  1. Jane says:

    You devotion and passion are beautiful Jason.
    I look forward to one day seeing this film. Congratulations!

  2. Marti says:

    Oh I just loved it, Jason! I WILL watch it again and again, this video is beautiful as is your song.

  3. Hoomaikai e Jason! Loving you, the mele and the aina!

  4. Jason Poole says:

    Mahalo, Dewi!
    What a fun thing, to be given the opportunity to write and sing about (and on) this amazingly beautiful land. So grateful.
    Aloha to YOU!!

  5. Jason Poole says:

    Thank you, Jane!
    I am so excited for you to be able to see the film! Soon!
    Much Aloha to you, my friend!

  6. Jason Poole says:

    Thank you, Marti! Mahalo!
    Much Aloha to YOU!

  7. Barbara Anspaugh says:

    Aloha Jason,

    I love Healing Waters. I am a kumu and hula performer and I will choreograph a routine for my students to your Beautiful mele.

    I wish you much Aloha,

    Barbara Corrigan-Anspaugh

  8. Jason Poole says:

    Aloha Barbara! I would be honored to have you and your dancers bring Healing Waters to life through Hula! Mahalo! I hope you’ll share your work with me!

    Much Aloha