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Getting lost

Sunday, February 15, 2015

jason poole, accidental hawaiian crooner, molokai, project natalie, anakala pilipo, pilipo solatorio, halawa valley, writing, getting lost

When I first started working on The Big Project

I didn’t understand how

at times

I would get lost

in the mists of “I remember…”

Sitting at my desk or in a coffee shop,

I would lose track of days, hours, seasons.

It’s a good thing to go outside

even when the thermometer reads 12-degrees

to remember that I am here


that it’s winter in NYC

And after a brief walk around the block

it’s good to return to my desk

and nice hot cuppa coffee

a snoring cat

and a notebook, hungry for stories.

I remember…

4 Responses to “Getting lost”

  1. NoHo says:

    suh-wheeeeet. xoxo

  2. Nicole Thibadeaux says:

    There’s a children’s story called “Henry Works” about Henry David Thoreau (he’s a bear). He goes for a walk through the woods, town and back again. To everyone he meets he says, “I’m on my way to work.” Then when he returns home he takes up his pen and writes, “Today, I went for a walk in the woods…”

    Write on, Thoreau.

  3. Jason Poole says:

    ‘Amene, Nicole! Write on.
    Walking and writing go hand-in-hand.

  4. Jason Poole says:

    Mahalo for that, NoHo! xo