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(Re)Connecting to the source

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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‘Anakala Pilipo Solatorio (aka Pops) and I at Mo’o'ula Falls. Molokai

Yesterday I had the chance to reconnect with Pops.

Man!  It felt like a lifetime had passed since we’d spoken to each other on the phone.  In reality, it had probably been about two weeks.

We’d been playing phone tag, leaving voicemail messages for each other.  Sometimes just a few brief words:  ”Aloha.  Love you.  Let’s talk soon.  A hui hou.”

Because there’s no cell phone service in Hālawa Valley, actually speaking with him can be a challenge.  In order for him to make a call, he has to drive out of the valley and call from the nearest cell phone spot.  Often, he’ll call from a place we call the Nēnē Phone Booth.  It’s a spot on top of hill that looks out over the Pailolo Channel. There’s a Nēnē Crossing sign there that marks the spot.  (Nēnē is the Hawaiian state bird, the Hawaiian goose. Branta sandvicensis.  And for the record, I’ve never seen a nēnē up there.  Just cars pulled to side of the road as folks make their calls.)

He called while he was in Kaunakakai yesterday.  He and Mom had gone to town to take care of some things.  He tried calling from the post office, but cell reception there is poor.  He’d left a garbled voicemail message for me.  It sounded like he was making the call from 20,o0o leagues under the sea.  Thankfully he called back a few minutes later and this time we connected.

We didn’t talk about anything that was ultra-important.  It was a simple conversation.

But it was so important.  We needed to connect.

One of my favorite Hawaiian sayings is: Nānā i ke kumu.  It means “Look to the source.”

(Re)Connecting with my source is crucial in my work as someone who teaches and shares the traditions of Hālāwa Valley.  And as someone who treasures our relationship.

Share the Aloha folks.

Right on.

**How are YOU reconnecting to your source?  Drop me a line.  I’d love to hear from you.**

2 Responses to “(Re)Connecting to the source”

  1. noho says:

    Dear Crooner,
    Thank you for the important reminder to “look to the source” in my daily life.
    Hope you’re having a lovely day.

  2. Jason Poole says:

    Back atcha, Noho!
    Big Aloha to you.

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