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Aloha on the road

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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I’m sitting at a gate at the Boise airport while I type this.  We’re doing some traveling this week–and not work-related, per se.  Well, I can’t say that; not really.  I mean, even though I didn’t set out on this journey for “official” Accidental Hawaiian Crooner business, I can’t ever really stop working when my job is sharing Aloha.  Right?  It’s something that you just do all the time.  Like breathing.

Traveling through an airport has become somewhat predictable.  When I reach the TSA security checkpoint, I put my ‘ukulele up on the belt to be x-rayed.  Without fail, someone always asks, “What’s that?  A violin?”  And I smile and say “‘ukulele,” pronouncing it Hawaiian-style: oo-koo-leh-leh, which normally leads to their eyebrows going up like question marks.   Then I say it, again, but this time I pronounce in a more-familiar-to-western ears way: yoo-koo-lay-lee, and they smile.  It gives me the opportunity to tell folks that I play traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music and they smile.  Maybe they’ll ask another question (“Like Don Ho?”) or maybe we just leave it at that.

I give ‘em a shaka as I pick up my ‘ukulele on the other side.

Yup, even an action as simple as that is a way of sharing Aloha.  A way to share a smile and just a little bit of love in what’s normally a stress-filled situation.

It’s an honor to continue the tradition of Hālawa Valley: carrying Aloha in my heart and planting seeds wherever I go.

Right on.

May we all find ways to plant seeds of Aloha today.

4 Responses to “Aloha on the road”

  1. Rhonda says:

    So glad you shared the story with me. I read a few things about your pops and following (stalking ) your documentary. Love your music videos! Thanks for sharing in Boise. Safe travels.

  2. Jean Sun Shaw says:

    I plant my seeds by wearing my favorite Maui tee shirt that shows a VW van, surfboard, flip flops and reads: “Hang Loose, I’m on Island Time.”

  3. Jason Poole says:

    Right on, Jean! So happy to read that! I mua! Onward! May those seeds take root. xo

  4. Jason Poole says:

    Aloha, Rhonda! Iʻm so happy to have been able to see you and talk with you. Looking forward to the next time! Soon! Much Aloha