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Hālawa Bay, Molokai

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jason Poole, accidental Hawaiian Crooner, Molokai, Halawa Valley, Halawa Bay

Hālawa Bay, Molokai (July 2012)


2 Responses to “Hālawa Bay, Molokai”

  1. Nicole Thibadeaux says:

    Holy Moly, Jason! I just looked at a map of Moloka’i and you really have to traverse half the island to get to Halawa Valley. That’s a big Valley OMG!

    Also, I don’t see how they could have spread one length of rope for the Hukilau leaves across the mouth of the bay…seems impossible…

    I love the beautiful clear water. (I also want to ask how you get those nifty borders on your photographs…)

  2. Jason Poole says:

    Aloha e Nicole! Yes… it’s a trip from one side of the island to the other, but it’s a beautiful one!
    The hukilau rope would only stretch part of the way across the mouth of the bay–but a good-sized part of the bay! The “huki” or pulling action was mostly done by the brave souls swimming it closer and closer to the shore, driving the fish toward the nets being pulled by the other folks. At least that’s my understanding.
    Oh! And the cool “rugged” effect on the photos is via an iPhone app that I use called Hipstamatic. It’s the “film” called XGRIZZLED. Love it!
    Much Aloha to you and your family.