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“ARGH!” and Juggling and Strumming: It’s Monday

Monday, June 18, 2012

Does this scenario sound familiar to you:

I set out this morning ready to tackle a huge TO DO list.

I mean, I really wanted to make some progress today!  I wrote (what felt like a zillion!) tasks on a sheet of paper.  And then I even put little boxes beside the items on the list so that I could enjoy checking them off.  (I used to to that when I was still working my “corporate gig.”  It helped when we were overwhelmed–allowed us to see that we were making progress even when we felt like we were drowning.)

I poured myself a big ol’ mug of steaming coffee and settled in for a great day of work.

And then I hit a wall.  See, I wanted to make a recording of a new song I’m working on–just a rough demo.  But a full-on traffic jam formed on my street (which NEVER happens!)–complete with blaring horns and car alarms singing in dissonant harmony.   And then sounds of construction/jackhammers/heavy equipment started.  Oh well… wait until later….

And then I hit another wall.  Putting the ‘ukulele and the digital recorder aside, I went down to the basement to put in some laundry.  But when I got to the laundry room, I saw that all of the machines were in use.  Oh well… wait until later…

And yet another wall.  I headed back up to the apartment to do some admnistrative-esque work.  I started to write emails to folks, but I realized I didn’t have all of the necessary information to write the text.  I needed to email other people and then wait to get that information before proceeding with my original email. Oh well… wait until later…

It seemed like everything I was doing was destined to either collapse in front of me or be put on the “need to wait until later” list.  And that wasn’t what I’d hoped the day was going to be like.

But then I got a hold of myself.  I mean,

It wasn’t like the world was conspiring against me.

(Even though it totally felt that way at the moment!)

I just needed to find the “right” task/job for RIGHT NOW.

So I picked up my ever-faithful ‘ukulele and strummed a few chords. (You guys know how much I value a good strum break!)  And that lead to a few more chords.  And that reminded me that Pops had asked me to learn a song before I head to Molokai later this month so that we could work on it together.  Feeling inspired, I dug around and found the song and sat down and plunked my way through it.  And, again.  And, again.  (I’ll need to work on this song a lot before I head to Molokai!)

It was the PERFECT job for the moment.

It blocked out the sounds of traffic jam and the construction.

And it calmed me down.

Right on.

TO DO lists are cool.  But I need to remember that I may need to juggle the items around a bit.

It’ll all get done.


Happy Monday, gang.

2 Responses to ““ARGH!” and Juggling and Strumming: It’s Monday”

  1. Nicole Thibadeaux says:

    Nobody said you had to start at the top of the list! Great reminder!


  2. Jason Poole says:

    I’m going to take up juggling, for sure! Ha!