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A “Mistake” from the Photo Vault

Thursday, October 13, 2011

molokai, kaunakakai, pa'ina

A photo--snapped by chance--at a paʻina near Kaunakakai (Molokai, HI June 2011)

Last night, I was on Molokai hanging out with the gang.

We were sitting outside—right beside the ocean–playing music, sharing songs and laughs. My skin was kissed by the warm, tropical breezes as we watched the sunset beyond the horizon.

But, alas, it was only a dream.

Instead of waking up on the beach, I woke up in my own bed in my NYC apartment.  Humph!

Feeling “homesick” for the islands, I spent some of the morning looking through the digital photo vault on my computer–looking at pictures from my last trip to Molokai.

And then I found a photo that matched what I had been dreaming about.

It was taken at a paʻina (party) we’d attended near Kaunakakai.

I think I must have snapped a hundred photos that night.  And there were a few pictures that were taken by chance, my thumb hitting the button by mistake.

This photo (show above) is one of those mistakes.

Molokai and her sunsets are so amazingly photogenic.  Even the photos snapped without looking through the viewfinder turn out to be beautiful.

One Response to “A “Mistake” from the Photo Vault”

  1. Georgia Bibeau says:

    Some people say there are no such things as mistakes or serendipity. That picture happened just for when you were homesick for Molokai so you could see the magic the islands hold. (as if you didn’t know that already)
    Stunning picture bruddah! Maika’i No!