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Wild (and INSPIRED) Days

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some days are just plain WILD.

Days where I start out with great intentions of tackling a project.  I begin the day with what one of my friends calls “laser beam focus” on completing that one task.  And then, hours later, I find that I’ve started a million projects and completed none–not even the one I originally set out to finish.

That’s been the day today.  And it would be easy to beat myself up for not getting things “done.”


I’m only mildly frustrated by the lack of completion/closure with the million projects.



They’re all related.  It just appears that I’ve lost my focus–but in reality, I’m really focused on a lot of great things!

(I just need to be a little more disciplined in my time management.)

Here’s the scoop:  I started out the day with the idea that I would write a lot of “sketches” as part of my big writing project.  And while I worked on that, songs seemed to call out to me–like they were begging me to learn them.  (I managed to avoid picking up the ʻukulele for a full 30 minutes. And then I felt like I’d explode if I didn’t at least figure out which keys I wanted to sing the songs in.) Those songs inspired a search for the origin of some of the place names mentioned in the pieces. And then I spent time researching some of the songs’ lyrics in the dictionary.  And that lead to researching MORE stories.   And then…  And then…  And then…

(You get the picture, right?)

So it’s an “unfocused” kind of focus.  I have a lot of great information.  And a lot of cool ideas.  And a lot of projects that are now “in the works.”

And yes, that means I have a lot of loose ends.

But I’m grateful for days like today.

Wild days inspire me.

How about YOU?  What inspired YOU today? 

2 Responses to “Wild (and INSPIRED) Days”

  1. Nicole Thibadeaux says:

    Jason, I have been struggling with structure. Specifically, structuring time without structuring the content. This kind of a project always leads me to a spreadsheet and then what keeps me going is organizing all the colors to make it look like I want.

    I dont’ remember if it was Einstein, Picasso or Buckminster Fuller, but some haole guy once said that while something beautiful may not always be the right answer, the right answer is usually always simple and beautiful.

    And so it goes with spreadsheets, too.

  2. Puni Patrick says:

    OMG! I totally HEAR you! Most of my days are like this! And if I were still keeping up with my Franklin planner I would probably accomplish more on my “To do” list. But now I am more intune with other “promptings” that lead my focus in directions that I wasn’t aware of at dawn’s breaking. No regrets as long as I am still productive and moving forward! E holomua kakou!