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Friday, June 25, 2010

Aloha kākou! Here’s this week’s question:

What is the name of the treasured (and very prolific!) composer of the lovely ballad, MAILE LEI?

Hint: The song was composed for the Kahauanu Lake Trio in 1963.

Interesting Fact: I just read that it was originally titled LOVELY MAILE LEI.

  • Please post your answer as a reply to this message.
  • All correct answers will be eligible to win a special email message from me.
  • One winner will be randomly chosen at 11:59pm EST.

WillYOUbe this week’s lucky winner?

Good Luck!

Happy Aloha Friday!

**Crooner Update: You guys are great! Mahalo for playing! And I learned a valuable lesson with this week’s question: I need to be VERY SPECIFIC about the question!

It seems there’s more than one version of a song called MAILE LEI! (I added the Hint and the Interesting Fact after the first two responses came in with different answers!)

So… There are 3 WINNERS this week: Eleanor and Deidre for their answers and KanoeMAILEokalani for getting the answer I was looking for: Maddy Lam! (Note: Kanoemaileokalani was randomly chosen from all of the “correct responses” using

Congrats, gang!

Hope you all had an AWESOME Aloha Friday.

Have a great weekend. See you on the blog on Monday!

A hui hou…



  1. harper roy for the maile lei

  2. Eleanor Trillana says:

    Eddie Suzuki!!
    I cheated a little.


  3. Grace S says:

    Madeline Kaululehuaohaili Lam aka Maddy Lam.

  4. Wailana says:

    Maddy Lam!

  5. KanoeMAILEokalani says:

    Maddy K. Lam . . .

    k . . . so I was just writing in because “maile” is me and so I just HAD to at least respond . . . I wasn’t going to actually give and answer – since I didn’t know it – but then my Virgo competitive fabulously nutty self took over and I took to the internet. Decided not to call Uncle Rah for confirmation so I’m running with this. LOL!!!