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Archive for March, 2013

Mud and Whiskers

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sitting in the hotel room at the Ala Moana Hotel in Honolulu–34 floors above the city.

Took a shower in a sterile white bathroom.  Shaved my face at a huge sink with a huge mirror in a well-lit bathroom white lots of room.  Sterile.  I love the creature comforts, but I’m missing Molokai.

Missing using the old sink with only cold water.  The empty cardboard roll of paper towels.  Knocking over all of my toiletries (which are still on Molokai at the moment!)

Managing to miss patches of hair on my neck and chin–the room is poorly lit even though there are flashlight spotlights and tiny windows and a screen door to light it.  Wild hairs survive well and hide in shadows on my face.

Missing the sounds of the chickens and roosters and knowing Mom and Pops are right outside. (But loving a door that locks and hot running water.)

Last night when we first arrived, it felt so good to bathe and scrub.  Today I look down at my toes (which are still a little stained with black much thanks to plenty of rain in the valley) and I’m sad.

That mud was proof that I was on Molokai.  That mud that stained my haole feet and stained my haole legs, those wild hairs I managed to miss on my neck and chin–those were physical proof of where I was.

And now most of them have been washed down the drains in the sink and bathtub.

I miss you, Molokai.  I miss you, Mom and Pops.  I’m in a place that’s more to familiar to what I know to a day-to-day basis.

But I feel homesick for that black mud and whiskers.


It’s time for a new Video Blog!  And this week, I’m excited to a quick check-in before I leave for the beautiful island of Molokai to spend some time with Pops and the ‘ohana.

When do I leave?  (gulp!) TOMORROW!

I’d better get back to packing.

Talk with you all soon. (Hopefully from Molokai!)

Happy weekend, gang!


Jason Poole, Accidental Hawaiian Crooner, Molokai, Halawa Valley, Pilipo Solatorio, Anakala PilipoWhen I woke up this morning, one thought jumped to the foreground of mind.

It was like a flashing neon sign:


Time is moving so quickly!  (I hear that’s a sign of aging…)

Heading back for a couple of weeks.  Lots of work to do with Pops.  Lots of work to do with the upcoming documentary.  (Have I told you about that yet?  Stay tuned… It’s gonna be so cool!)


I’m in crunch-mode as I prepare to head out.  I feel like a college kid prepping for exams.  Cramming everything in.  Making sure I’ve gotten some key knowledge “written on my bones.”  Making sure to pack all of the things that I’ve been meaning to share with Mom and Pops.  Brushing up on my Hawaiian language speaking skills. (There are plenty of days when Pops will look at me and say, “You know, Iakona, I think you and I will only speak in Hawaiian to each other today.”  The BEST way to learn, for sure!  A gift.  But when you have rudimentary-at-best language skills like me, it’s scary!)

So that’s the latest newsflash.  Will try to post more as the week develops…

Happy Monday, gang!

What’s the latest newsflash in YOUR world?