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Archive for January, 2013

Crooner Check-In (And some cool news!)

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jason Poole, Accidental Hawaiian Crooner, urban strummer, Molokai, Halawa Valley, sharon salzberg, 28-day meditation challenge

Aloha, gang!  Remember me?

Here’s the latest scoop:

Project Natalie is going well.  Well.. most of the time!  She can be a brutal task master.  But when times are good, they’re awesome.  More on that story as it develops!

I’m hoping to post a new video blog tomorrow!  It’s been waaaaaaay to long since I’ve done that.

And here’s something cool:  I participated in Sharon Salzberg’s 28-Day Meditation Challenge last year.  It helped me to establish a regular sitting practice that really changed my world in the best of ways.

This year, I’m participating in it, again.

And… I’m one of the bloggers!

So if you’re interested in following me on that adventure, too, please check out my blog on the Challenge website.

(Note: When I told a friend that I was going to be blogging about the 28-Day Meditation Challenge, she said, “Really, Jason?  Are you sure you can take on another thing right now?”  My  response was, “Not only can I do it, but I feel like I need to do it.  Things are so crazy right now.  My sitting practice has become my grounding-break.”)

So what’s going on with YOU??  Drop me a line.  I’d love to hear from you!


A treat for your eyes on Aloha Friday

Friday, January 18, 2013

Jason Poole, Accidental Hawaiian Crooner, Molokai, Hawaii, Aloha Friday, Pilipo Solatorio, Anakala Pilipo, Halawa Valley, Halawa Bay

Ah! Hālawa! (Molokai, HI)

Happy Aloha Friday, gang!

Share the Aloha.

Right on.


Whatcha listening to??

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Accidental Hawaiian Crooner, Jason Poole, Halawa Valley, Molokai, New York City, Urban strummer

Aloha, gang!

I’m officially up-to-my-eyeballs in Project Natalie.

Loving it, even though it terrifies me a little bit.  But it’s all about Showing Up and Saying “YES” to the opportunity, right?  I mean… that’s how great things happen!

I have been listening to old playlists on my computer and it’s totally time to change things up a little bit.  Add some variety.

And I need your help:

Whatcha listening to?

Seriously… drop me a line and let me know, ok?

I’d love to hear from you.  And I’ll use your suggestions to create a new playlist that I’ll post here on the blog. (Note: While Hawaiian music suggestions are always appreciated, this is not limited to Hawaiian music.  I’m really curious–whatcha listening to?)

Many mahalos!



Word of the Year (2013)

Monday, January 7, 2013

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.

I haven’t made them in years.


Well, for starters, I’m really bad at keeping them. I have the best intentions. I give ‘em lots of thought before I make them. And then, about a week into the New Year, I realize I’ve failed. Somehow I’ve managed to screw them up. And I abandon them, feeling like a failure.

And I don’t like feeling like a failure.

So I’ve adopted a new practice, instead.

My buddy, Quinn McDonald, introduced me to it last year, via her blog. She calls it: Choosing Your Word of the Year.

In a nutshell, here’s how it works: You choose a word that will symbolize the coming year for you. It’s not the same as choosing an intention. This is simple. One word. Something you can remember. But that word is charged. It carries weight. It has mana.

A word that will strike a chord in you when you hear it. A word that will continue to resonate all year. A word that will echo.

She likens it to a “verbal amulet.” (I love that image!) You can read more of her description of the practice by clicking HERE.

Last year, I chose the word LISTEN.

Before I’d even finished reading her blog post about the practice, it came to me. I heard it in my mind’s ear. Yes. The word for 2012 would be LISTEN.

I even opened up a draft of an email and typed the words: listen to the echoes. I had no idea what that meant. I didn’t address the email to anyone. I just saved it. It sat in my DRAFTS folder all year–and I opened it regularly and reread the words.

I reminded myself all the time: You need to listen, Jason. Become an active listener. You don’t need to talk so much. Listen to what others are saying to you. Listen to what the world is saying to you.

Toward the end of the year, a series of events seemed to unfold simultaneously. Projects that I’d only dreamed about suddenly sprang to life. Wild synchronicity.

Now, I’m not saying that the word LISTEN brought about some kind of magical happenings. But I will say that had I not been constantly reminding myself to LISTEN, I might have missed the opportunities to hear what was being said–and missed out on these opportunities to work.

So as 2012 drew to a close, it was time for me to choose a new word for 2013.

As a word nerd, I wanted to choose something in Hawaiian this year.

I’m always trying to learn more. To find ways to put the language to “everyday use” here in NYC.

I wanted another action word.

I scanned the Hawaiian dictionary for the word that summed up how I hoped to direct my focus for the coming year. I want to see things grow–but I’m not naive enough to think I’d have fully-realized dreams by the end of the year. Not necessarily a flourishing garden, but at least some sprouts.

In Hawaiian, the prefix/causative HOʻO is put in front of a word to–well–make something happen.

The Hawaiian word for sprout is KUPU. So the Hawaiian word for “to sprout” is HOʻOKUPU.

I loved it. It was perfect. I wrote it down.

And then it dawned on me: I know the word HO’OKUPU in another context. HOʻOKUPU is also an offering. When I’m on Molokai, Pops will always have some sort of hoʻokupu/offering to bring to someone when we go to visit them. Especially if we’re visiting elders/kūpuna.

HOʻOKUPU, an offering, is exactly what I’m working on. Offerings to the people interested in Hawaiian music, language and culture. Offerings to my Hawaiian family. Offerings to the people of Molokai. Offerings to the Hawaiian teachers that have come before me and will come after me in the future.

How cool is that? A word with a double meaning that’s perfect in every way?!

So my word for 2013 is HOʻOKUPU.

May it continue to echo all year long. May the projects begin to sprout and take root. And may I be reminded me of the purpose of these projects; inspired to work from a place of giving and not from a place of self-service/ego. May my work be a benefit to others.

Right on.

Is this a practice that speaks to you? What’s YOUR word for 2013? Drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you.


Happy New Year, gang!  HAUʻOLI MAKAHIKI HOU!

I went down to the Hudson River to sound the pū (conch shell trumpet) this afternoon–ringing in the New Year Hawaiian-style!

(Who says you need to be in the islands to sound the conch shell, right?)

May 2013 be a year filled with Aloha for you.  And may we all recognize lots of opportunities to share Aloha with each other.

How did YOU ring in the New Year? Drop me a line.  I’d love to hear from you!

(Note: Sounding the pū on New Year’s Day has become a tradition for me.  Please click HERE and HERE to see previous posts/pictures/videos!)